Stocking up for my Little Free Library opening soon. I will take just about anything other than text books (college/high school). Drop off is in North Providence. Thank you! Thank you!
Looking for 2-3 round cylinder cuts of trees that can be used as seating. Preferably dropped off in North Providence. They will be used for a Little Free Library.
Looking for decorative pavers for a little free library that I am starting this summer. Thank you in advance.
Looking for a couple of Garmet Boxes and mid size boxes for clothes, pans and framed photos
Looking for any Season set of Dvds of any tv show. Just let me know what you can offer and I'll pick them up if interested. Would give us something to watch as we don't have cable.
Looking for a biblical apocrypha, preferably one without the rest of the bible and just the apocrypha itself.
As luck would have it, we let someone borrow our weed wacker and they broke it (no good deed, etc.). If you have one you no longer need, we would love to take one off your hands. Thank you.
Any store books in basement...thanks in advance
My current Dreamcast has a power issue. If you have an old dreamcast collecting dust I'd be happy to take it as it happens to be my favorite system. If yours doesn't fully work but still turns on I'd be able to take it to use as parts. If it does work I'll just use that system as it is. Thanks.
In need of a Tanakh that has both Biblical Hebrew and English that's in good condition. Also looking for the New Testament in Koine Greek.
Looking for small summer table ( with umbrella) to sit outdoors for cookouts.