Non-profit seeking donations to support its art program. Currently need grout, tile adhesive, tile cutters, tiles or primer red dishes that may be used for mosaic.
Looking for a laptop they are looking to pass on just need something with a hard drive and access to internet that I can bring with me know it s a long shot but thought I take a try thank you in advance
Wood, preferably with closed bottom and display top, but will consider anything. Thanks!
Any portable dvd player would be greatly appreciated. Screen size and age doesn't matter as long as it works. If the battery no longer works but works while plugged in that's fine too.
Looking for any materials that can be used for packing, especially old newspapers and boxes. Thank you!
In need of a working baby monitor. Preferably the kind with the screen so I can see the child, but at this point, any type will do...thank you in advance
Would like any old video game system to use if you happen to have an old one laying around that doesn't get used. Any system at all would be fine no matter how old it is.
I have become shorter as I age (am barely 5'tall) & can no longer reach things (such as when hanging curtains) with a 2 step stool. A 3 step might be ok but I think 4 steps in good condition would be best.
The Providence Zen Center is looking for salvage wood for a garden project. The preference is for 11" rounds but, rairoad ties would work too. If you have wood that you would like to find a new purpose, please reply with details of what you have (type, length, quantity) and where you are. Metta!
Would like to start getting back into playing card games as a hobby. Looking for anyone kind enough to pass on some pokemon cards to me as I have none at the moment..
I am looking for a toaster for a family that I am working with. Just a regular push down toaster, nothing fancy
Stocking up for my Little Free Library opening soon. I will take just about anything other than text books (college/high school). Drop off is in North Providence. Thank you! Thank you!
Looking for 2-3 round cylinder cuts of trees that can be used as seating. Preferably dropped off in North Providence. They will be used for a Little Free Library.
Looking for decorative pavers for a little free library that I am starting this summer. Thank you in advance.