Hi there. I am looking for a coffee maker that can be set to auto brew in the morning. Inbox me if you have something and thanks in advance friends:)
My name is Carmine im 65 years old. I m in need of a rug cleaner machine steamers/shampoos. Who ever had one that not longer need please let me know so I can go and get it, it would be gladly appreciated. Thanks Carmine
Lego blocks medium size for toddler.not the small ones.thank yoy
If you have any spongebob dvd's or season sets you no longer want we'd be glad to take them and watch them.
Dire need of a cat carrier. Near Warren area please...thank you in advance
Lego blocks medium size for toddler.not the small ones.thank yoy
I have some medical challenges ~ and my dog is extremely friendly and gets over excited at times around people ~ this would allow me to hold onto and push ( better medically ~ than trying to wrangle an excited dog ~ and keep her safe . Of course this doesn t take place of walking her
I am starting New England Tractor Trailer Training School in July, and need a pair of size 12 wide work boots for the school. I am on disability, and all of my disability money goes on rent, utilities, and school. If you can help please let me know. Thanks, Keith
Looking for a working dvd player that has an hdmi port on the back as what I plan to plug it into only accepts hdmi.
Our old media streamer no longer works. If you have an old Roku laying around you no longer use and want to pass it along I'd be really thankful.
Looking for a computer desk, preferably with storage on top (hutch). Thanks!
Hello. I'm looking for a stroller or jogging stroller you may have hanging around. Thanks for you help.
If anyone has a stash of tennis balls that they no longer use, my dogs would be delighted. Thank you.
Need a Playstation 2 for parts or one in working condition. I have a playstation 2 slim that just needs the spindle drive motor and possibly laser replaced. If you happen to have anything else ps2 related such as accessories or games I may be able to take them as well.
I have just started sewing and taking lessons and am hoping someone has just given it up :). Looking for a dress form mannequin and a sewing table or possibly other accessories. Thanks!